Mr. Zex

Mr. Zex looked around as the mundane world started to fizzle and slap apart.

"Oh fuck I should not have let this happen. It's happening again, the outside world invading, the armies of dimensions unraveling before the sheer force of power pressing into what was once a crisp container of being."

That was the last sentence. They were silent for a moment before he sighed as he opened his eyes to the light, breathing in deeply. The atmosphere that was on this planet was extremely different from what he had experienced from this Earth.

He couldn't help but sigh as he stared at the ceiling with his eyes closed, waiting for the sound to come out of his mouth. The only sound he heard was the thud of falling stone and the clang of the door opening in front of his head.

He walked over to the stairs and grabbed his bag in one hand as he made his way up the stairs. As he got to the stairwell he looked over and saw the room in front of him that was filled with nothing but trees and grass.

The light dimmed on the window in the corner as he made his way down the stairs. The ground that he was standing on was still in place, only slowly changing until it was a light grey like the surface of the moon.

Mr. Zex finds himself in an alien dimension.

Mr. Zex sighed silently before he made his way to the right of the middle staircase, just like the other visitors before him.

The stairs he was using to get onto this planet had been cleared.

"Welcome to what I am here for," he said as he pushed forward to the middle of the hallway.

He was greeted by a man named David.

"Glad to meet you," he replied simply, nodding his head before heading into the room. The man sighed and took two large steps towards Mr. Zex.

"Yesterday, I traveled with a group of heroes that are fighting to save our country. We have an interesting question for you, Mr. Zex. What is your first name?" David said in a low voice.

"B.Z." Zex answered. David laughed.

"Okay," David laughed again as he nodded with a smile, "it's all you need." He placed a hand on Mr. Zex's shoulder.

A voice could be heard faintly in the next room. "I hope he's not too nervous and he can go to bed in peace. Until then..." the voice trailed off.

A smile formed on David's chest, radiating from his heart, as he closed the door behind him and turned away from Mr. Zex to go investigate the sound of the voice.

When David came back to the room Mr. Zex was greeted by the sound of sound again. And the sound of the door opening. He saw that the light around him dimmed as the door was opened. David was accompanied by... Mr. Zex slipped again, losing his grip on this realm and finding himself in another, darker place.

The room he found himself in was in was dark with dust. Infrastructure. Infrastructure. Infrastructure. He was finally able to open the door with just his normal hand.