Vine danced. Vine moved. Vine loved to dance through the air, free of mortal worries and mortal limitations. She had to stop dancing. She had to dance for herself.

She was a creature who would walk across the hall and sit in the corner, her eyes gazing at the sky.

For the first time in her life, Vine realized that she was not the only one. She knew everything about everyone. Most of them were her friends. Vine had friends. She had friends who she loved. She knew they did not care about her life or her family.

But, even after the night of the murders, she felt she needed more. She felt she, too, needed more.

For those who knew her, the world was a very strange place, full of danger, danger that no one could ever avoid. It was like a city with no lights, no water, no air. Vine had to be there. She needed the world to keep her there.

She couldn't come here.

The world would not keep her here.

Vine flies about in the one place she shouldn't be.

Somewhere on the other side of this world, Vine sat. She rested her foot on one of the trees, staring at the fire.

The sun set on a blue sky. The sun did not shine on the blue sky at all, it only reflected the sun. Vine's eyes, however, looked even brighter. A bright red rose of light filled the room.

It was not even raining and it didn't feel like it needed all that much help. Just like its normal day.

Vine looked down at the fallen trees as they fell. Their leaves were still covered with leaves, but the leaves were just as shiny as ever.

Vine was in the midst of a fight. She fought for her life, but she wanted to see her friends, the ones she loved. To see her friend and take care of her.

Her feet shook, her stomach clenched.

Somewhere, she lay there. She was alone, in the darkness, still. All that mattered here was to see Vine.

In the shadows.

She could see the world just as bright as the sun.

The world was different.

The sun was brighter.

Vine found herself alone.

In a forest, in shadows.

She felt the same. The wind had blown her back, as it had blown her back. The wind had blown her back again.