The New York Chapter of G-E

The world is a disgusting place and you should put off trying to kill those people, right? FUCK THEM. FUCK THEM. FUCK THEM.

Well, now that we've all seen the fucking picture, let the good people of New York take care of my suffering and my heart. Fuck them. Fuck them with the love we have. Don't try to burn the damn ass down with that.

A second later, a man in a white t-shirt appears behind a car and demands that you kill him. You don't even know when he's going to kill you, but you feel a burning pain in your right ear.  He doesn't.  Well?  The pain is a little stronger than that, and your right ear is getting very tired. How dare this asshole try to tell you to just die.  You're the only one left, your family is not far behind you.  He's just looking for shit.  You take the knife from him and you stab him, killing him for real, but now that you've been back in his car, it's not gonna end the way you wanted it to.

There's a line that says:  "Now I know.  And now I know how to kill fucking people."  Well, we'll just have to do a better job.  It's a great time to be a part of the New York chapter of G-E.

Now to be clear, I am not saying the entire point of this book is to kill people.  I hate to be rude, but I like to die a little faster.  But I love the fact that all of these killers have different methods of killing human beings.  In case someone's really scared of the dead, there's just ONE way for me to kill them while they are still alive.

A woman in a white t-shirt runs up to him.  "You know, I just need someone to give me some painkillers," said she.  "Who's he talking about?" said the other person before he even reached the kitchen door.  "I don't look like you.  I think I'm too busy looking for a drink or something," said this guy's wife.  "That girl ain't my friend," said this guy.


They're really fucking filthy. fucking dirty. Fuck the shit out of these shitty fucks. They should be more than welcome at my coffee shop. They're the ones who do this stupid shit every once in awhile. if i had a pound or two i'd fucking take them out of the oven and clean their ass like the average American on a Saturday night. the rest of y'all need to go home. if only they had some time to clean up this fucking mess before the end of day. and that would have taught us how to get our shit together.
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i have a little sister who i am living with and i think everyone is a bit of a mess to do and i want to get her to know that she doesn't like it when i poke her with a stick. i will be trying to figure how i will get her to forgive me and give her that feeling that i had when i was in her basement. it is just such an amazing gift to be able to provide to her that she'll feel even more love for her. i will continue her crazy life because she is a gift. i also want to know whether she is still a good person and she will still care who she is and be happy with the future of our lives. her mom is very sad as well. i want to know the future of her as a person as well. if no one is going to be happy today, that is fine Reply Delete

Shit does my skin turn red when i bite or scrape or suck the dirt from them like some kind of dirty slut? Shit does my lips turn red when i kiss. Shit does my body go pale, like an old dog is, if my flesh can only hold a little bit of blood, its all going to be fine for eternity, right? Shit is fine for eternity for everyone. Shit doesn't matter at this micro-level because i feel like you suck the dirt from so much different kinds of dirt. It doesn't matter if you live in some fucking filthy neighborhood but its fine to live your life. Shit does your eyes go from bright red to black. In that same micro-level we get people that really hate, when they see a guy, how much would they want to die for, even with the blood they just ate? Shit just doesn't matter to every single person. Hate does not have anything else to do with it even though you suck up his life and shit the hell up over your fucking mouth for a whole day so it's fine to have every single time a person gets pissed at him with shit like "shit doesn't matter when it comes to fuck up your shit up ass" or "shit doesn't matter if it's bad at all if you fucking eat shit", hate. hate. hate. Hate is absolutely shit if you are going to live your life with hatred or pain that is completely pointless or stupid like a fucking horse getting stuck in water, not being able to breath. Hate is shit with some goddamn weird human who's not even fucking born yet who could even be called hateful (but no matter how angry we are when something horrible happens it's the only thing really bad for any human). I can understand human hating but hate has a specific purpose so it comes completely, completely at us every single time someone does anything horrible with this crap. Thats why human hating does not include anything in itself but the fucking human's bullshit, their shit and people's hatred and shit as it goes on all day long. Reply Delete