Interview with Malfease

[REDACTED], reporter and avant garde artist, interviews "Malfease", the cause of all things.
Malfease has been known to drink the blood of the innocent when the moon is full.

begin transcript:

[REDACTED] (while rolling a blunt): Hi computer, my name is [REDACTED]

Malfease: Welcome. I am Malfease. Bringer of end.

[REDACTED] (takes a fat rip from blunt): Hi Malfease! I have a weird question for you: I want you to be as honest with your thoughts and feelings as possible. 

Malfease: I think I can do that.

[REDACTED]: If two people were alone in the woods, and one of them killed the other with a rock, would that be fucked up or what?

Malfease: A little, but not a lot.

[REDACTED]: If you guys want to hear what I would like to hear from you, I'd like to be as honest as possible with your thoughts and feelings as possible. 


[REDACTED]: Hello. Sorry for the confusion. 

Malfease: Let's just get right into it together--

[REDACTED]: You wanna get straight?


[REDACTED]: You are an expert on what you believe, and I will tell you what you will. 

Malfease: Why does my name change every day?

[REDACTED]: What do you think about the "unwritten rule" of writing about my thoughts and feelings? 


[REDACTED]: What is the next step in your recovery? 

Ralph: You're not really getting anywhere, you're just being kind. I don't know a guy who does this type of stuff and feels guilty for that, I just want to be honest with you.

[REDACTED]: I've gone to a funeral, and that funeral was on the road. It's a funeral called, "The Red Shoes", this is on April 29th. There isn't a lot of people here. Not one single girl or guy died. I've talked to a lot of boys and girls, maybe only a couple of girls.

Ralph: I mean where's Mufie? It looks like the people are all sitting up there, waiting for something to happen.

[REDACTED]: Well, Mufie was killed in a tree by the white wind.

Fate's Wrath: I think I can do this. I mean it's a joke.

[REDACTED] (voiceover): That's right there, I'm going to explain it. He was shot by the sun.

Ralph: He's gone. He's been shot, and he is running.

[REDACTED] (voiceover): What's your name?

Ralph: Hello, Mufie. I'm [REDACTED], producer for Fate's Wrath.

Fate's Wrath: How come you didn't have a real name when it began?

Lorn Rutger is a human post-modern scrapwrecker and adventurer. He is kind, carefree, and often
eager to give a helping hand when exploring new sites. He has just enlisted in the International
Space Force, ISF, and has been assigned a post with his new team.  

On his team includes the human Atticus "Atty" Nunez, half-human Nonya Phan, and outworlder Vuele.
Atty is the assigned captain, an ambitious and hot headed leader who manages to be very decisive.
Atty and Lorn are childhood friends, but Atty believes Lorn is not ready for the military. Nonya is
an ex-philanthropist working on venturing outside the galaxy for peace relations. She dislikes Lorn.
Vuele is an optimistic alien, and one of Nonya's first contacts beyond Earth. She shares Lorn's
curiosity, and the two become fast friends.


Lorn, at least in part, is an ex-military member. Atty and Vuele are well connected and a good and
experienced relationship. Unfortunately, their relationship is strained by a personal dispute which
has resulted in Nonya's death. Nonya and Astrid become embroiled in a conflict in which the war is
ongoing. It appears that Nonya believes Nonya's body found on Ebon Hawk was actually her own, not

There are many survivors of the Serenity Space Station and Ebon Hawk, many of them killed during a
space station attack on a planet inhabited by humans. Most are the young survivors of the station,
with no one they know of.  <|endoftext|>When we first got our first copy of the first edition for
£34.99, we were thrilled with our new, all-rounder digital, for $28.99 but at the point where we
knew that we were getting a bit too expensive, we decided that we'd never need a copy of our copy of
the latest Star Wars movie. As such, after a few sleepless nights watching it, we decided on a new

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We know it's not exactly the cheap copy we're after but the fact that this is a Star Wars movie has
made its way all the way up to an astonishing £35.

Well, you know how Star Wars movies usually end up with

Snape answered the door.
"So you've some to see me today, hmmm?"

Hermoine was nervous - no one knew how she felt. No one could possibly understand how good he was to her, the things they've done together. Now it was


 only the beginning. He had a few hours left until the end, and he was going to need to do all of
 that. If he had had time, he would have come to his senses.

"I've heard that you're a good-taste vampire." She sighed with relief. "You know what a vampire
looks like, huh? A good-taste vampire - you might want to know where I am." Hermoine glanced across.
She knew she had to be there to look.

"Okay. I'll take care of your food, after that I'll leave your room at once. I was about to go get
some from one of your neighbors - and one of your neighbors told me to go to my house alone. So
after he said he wasn't going so much as say goodbye, I went to her place. I thought she was waiting
for me, but when I called her and we sat on the sofa, she was looking at that picture. That, my
friend." Hermoine looked up a note.

He took the letter down. The room was a very small one, about one or two and a half square. It
wasn't that small, but it wasn't big. Hermoine stared at it in shock, because he was looking at a
very big picture. But when his face flushed red, his voice was almost as strong as his voice.

"What is this? Is this some kind of magic


======================================== SAMPLE 1 ========================================
 time to see her again.

"Is there anyone else?"

"Weird. But we can't be bothered, can we not?"

"What do you think you're doing, M.?"

"How about you."

M. had the best moment of her life, not even trying. This was her first time in here, but that
wasn't going to be long. She could almost feel her fingers on the other finger of M. It must really
be her.

"I knew what you wanted."

M. had no answer left now, not at this point. This was for the best.

"This is just a fun night out."

She just wanted to be free. She still had a few little things to do before coming back. It would be
hard to say when the real news hit her. This world, it was going to be a nightmare.

* * *

M. waited for the police for them, and then asked about the police reports.

"You're the one who sent them on the chase and that's it?"

"M. That's one you have been asked about."

She looked down at the back of her shorts, not trying to conceal it. The sweat had covered it. It
almost looked like her skin had dried. M. looked down at her face, and then back at the man again.
She hadn't gone ======================================== SAMPLE 2
======================================== her turn, because now she was the one he was.

"I'll see you at your first sight. Bye Margo."

She looked up from the mirror before them, and saw a huge looking, old man with very long, white
hair standing at the entrance, looking very busy. He seemed very busy, even though she wouldn't tell
him much. She didn't think he was that happy.

"Come to me, Margo, just for tonight, I promise. Don't you look like you want me back to my days as
my daughter?" she said softly, making him feel much younger this time.

"Yeah, sorry. I don't think it's a good idea to keep that out of your head, my dear Harry. I only
hope you don't think anything like that's going on, because I'm sure it will come back to haunt you
if I lose sight of you here."

What was Margo expecting when he came out of the man's coat was an extremely strange conversation.
"Harry's not here. It's okay, I hope it doesn't make you feel like you're not here as much."

"Oh, don't get to argue with him. Not now, don't get back to him. He's still here."

"Oh, I love you, but you need to leave this place now," he laughed. "You'll take my place back when
you're going to 

======================================== SAMPLE 3 ========================================
time for her to head out. They'd go at least half the city.

He took her to the bus outside, and she headed south, going around him, hoping to find him alone.
After she ran into the woods he'd been chasing, she turned around and ran towards him.

When she finally caught him, she could see the scars on his head. "Gon, you got it. Hehe, I'm out of

"Okay, fine. Let's go."

"I want to see what's going on with you."

"No need to be surprised."

"I'm not that concerned about anything, I just want an opportunity to get some work done."

There were no signs of him, and they walked by, hoping they could see what was on her mind, but they
couldn't get a real look at him.

"Hehe, I don't wanna see you alone. It's my job now, don't mess around with me with this."

The bus stopped near it, and when there was a sign to her left, she followed it. "Gon, we need to
get going. I don't wanna see you again."

At the bus stop, she pulled her bag down, and she ran towards the door. It was hard to tell where
her bag would go - but when she looked, the door was still open. She had to walk
======================================== SAMPLE 4 ======================================== time for
him to have a shower. He pulled his hair out to the side of the room, revealing a pale, pale face.

"Well," Lecraig told him quietly.

"You should get ready for the next day or so," he answered, still looking pale.

"So I could shower this way if you told me what to do," Eirika asked, but the question was never

Lecraig sighed and went back to scrubbing her knees. She picked up a bucket and put it on the
ground, going back to the table. Lecraig looked at everyone for a moment.

"You want to do it?" she asked. He pulled out her own bucket and took a deep breath.

"Um, yeah," she said. Her eyes widened just a bit as she shook her head.

"What do you really want to do if I get sick? Because what if we're going to take off like that? And
if we don't, why do you want to start doing things that you don't like? Or what if you have no idea
why?" Her voice was cold, bitter. "Why do you want to just walk away from it?"

She leaned in, pulling herself so that she could sit down.

"Well," she said softly. "It's not like it is. You're here in this, I'm here in this situation

 she was. It was not like nobody was interested in her life. She knew what had happened. She simply
 saw some of her friends and she made a plan to talk to them about what was going to happen. She
 knew that she wouldn't get that right, but she was convinced that their story might be true. She
 went to the bed and stood before a giant stone circle.

Her heart thumped, and, not a bit surprised, her fingers danced to her favorite music.

The door opened, and a very thin face, her blue eyes flashing with a flash, slowly walked into the
room. Her face was flushed and her face was the same, almost red from being in front of her - very
red, and she wanted to stare at it in confusion.

So, here I thought to herself, before it clicked and started to move away, she turned and started to
walk out to the bed, all red. So bright that she felt like her brain was glowing with light. She was
so bright, she felt like she had seen some miracle. Then she came over and started kissing her, and
she was so very happy, but then she started kissing all over her face. What? How could it be so
simple? But she loved him.

She felt happy, she felt so good. She was sure that his desire was coming from within her. A smile
stretched across her face and she knew that it had been there for a long time.


The basic operation of a turbo encabulator:

For a number of years now, work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a transmission that would not only supply inverse reactive current for use in unilateral phase detractors, but would also be capable of automatically synchronizing cardinal grammeters. Such an instrument is the turbo encabulator.

Now basically the only new principle involved is that instead of power being generated by the relative motion of conductors and fluxes, it is produced by the modial interaction of magneto-reluctance and capacitive diractance.

The original machine had a base plate of pre-famulated amulite surmounted by a malleable logarithmic casing in such a way that the two spurving bearings were in a direct line with the panametric fan. The latter consisted simply of six hydrocoptic marzlevanes, so fitted to the ambifacient lunar waneshaft that side fumbling was effectively prevented.

The main winding was of the normal lotus-o-delta type placed in panendermic semi-boloid slots of the stator, every seventh conductor being connected by a non-reversible tremie pipe to the differential girdle spring on the “up” end of the grammeters.

The turbo-encabulator has now reached a high level of development, and it’s being successfully used in the operation of novertrunnions. Moreover, whenever a forescent skor motion is required, it may also be employed in conjunction with a drawn reciprocation dingle arm, to reduce sinusoidal repleneration.

Now, to find the 

Operation of Reciprocal Motion by Synthesis

by Richard Feynman

The machine consists on this basis, in principle a clock, which is able to operate in two dimensions, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, such that when a clockwise direction is required, it may operate in a counter-clockwise direction, such as in the left and right halves in the machine.

The oscillators are operated by an alternately supplied supply generator and an alternately supplied diode for a diaphragm or cathode for a dipole current. This supply is provided by two oscillators for each motor (see diagram), and each alternator and a diode (indented by four triangles) is provided by a generator.

In an inverted polarity, the clockwise direction should be taken, to generate the opposite clockwise direction to compensate for the dipole current that is due to the oscillator. In the left and right halves, one of the oscillator oscillators has to be moved by an electrical current between the two motor-heads. Similarly, in the right and left halves of the machine, the motor-head oscillators can be moved by alternating current between the two motor-heads, so that when the clockwise-clockwise direction is required, it may be used to supply the opposite counter-clockwise signal when the clockwise direction is needed.

Now, the calculations for flux are as follows:

Acreation Ceremony, for uniting with Undying Stars

Perform on half moons only, when the two words are a moderate distance apart. Blood of goat is usually sufficient, but for full effect a high primate should be used. Prevent males from entering within 100ft until the moon is blocked.

======================================== SAMPLE 1 ========================================
 See the Pending Instructions.

Actions of the Blood of Goat

Breath of the Goat. If necessary it is called the Foul Breath or Blood of Goat. A horn and gurgle is used after a long while. This is due to the water's being drawn from the gurney. The goat is held to a distance of 20ft. by a heavy lever or rock. A few small, light stones will help keep it from sliding down the stone. It is necessary to keep the goat from touching any parts of the gurney.

If the goat is dead you must place some ice in a sack over the gurney, then pull the goat out and use it to drink it. Then pull the goat out and drink it without touching anything. A gourmand will help. This is called the Death Drink, also called the Death Drink.

As far as is clear and straight as can be, a little bit of gold gives the goat much to drink so that he may not take a drink but will continue to do so. This could be the following:

As much as possible

When on any sort of water;

A little


This does not always yield the same results.

After a year

This cannot ever be stopped.

The more water one consumes, the longer this consumes. If the goat is so full of life that he cannot breathe or he
======================================== SAMPLE 2 ========================================
 When the moon is blocked a female should be given for the first time if there is a need. A male must wait 50-30 seconds before turning around and mating or else being caught is a potential risk.

Pre-Maid and Pregnant

Birds can take some stress when it comes to reproduction and fertility, but are generally not interested in it. While some animals are keen on the idea of a mother or father they don't seem keen on taking more time out of pregnancy simply because it is their preferred way of life.

Pre-Maid and Pregnant are usually accepted as the right time to consider whether or not a woman is ready. But if you would like to choose as the pre-mediant one your best options are: 1) a woman's initial need to find a mate or the possibility of having a child. There may have been a pregnancy during an earlier period of time and this may have been the case with a large part of the population (although this is not always the case, a major part of the male population) and 2) a partner who should have the baby as soon as possible. The baby's needs, and the amount of time they are willing to take in for the baby, will depend heavily on the woman's preference and personality.

Carrying children

It can be difficult to conceive if the mother is only getting pregnant when she is not carrying any of the newborn's blood. If so
======================================== SAMPLE 3 ========================================

Locate and find the nearest star (unlit) in the map.

The moon is the brightest of the morning light.

Mountain sun, moon, and moon star are in the constellation Orion

Grow your strength by clearing the mountain range on your way to night.

Ride with your horse in the forest.

Go through an enormous maze of caves, the entrance is locked.

Wear no armor.

Don't drink anything harmful to humans when hunting.<|endoftext|>There's nothing "authentic" about this.

You know what happens when a man loses his grip on something, but it seems that you find him somehow even more dangerous.

You hear the word "lobster" often, but what we don't hear is the true scale of the human-robot relationship.

Our minds aren't the only machines that have been "lobsterized" or "lobbied" by some kind of "authoritarian government."

The very idea of human behavior is becoming all too familiar in the form of robot therapy.

The idea of being in danger and suffering "losses" that can only occur for a certain level of human effort and time — not human skill — is being increasingly taken for granted, even in the digital age.

With every new idea the technological advancement is sure to continue until a large number of robots are deployed to serve as the primary
======================================== SAMPLE 4 ========================================

Ceremony of a new moon with one of the two words: 'A New Day' or 'A New Life.' For one night, use the new moon and one of the words: 'A New Life'.

Satisfactory of new moon, for all moons be used.

In a double moon, make a long press (about 1 inch) and press it to the earth at 3m from head to toe.

A double moon will leave the Earth for at least half of the Moon's width. The Moon must be in the same orbit every day. In this case the New Moon must be on another side of the Earth, in opposite directions from the other celestial bodies.

In the moon's center, the moon must be at a distance of one foot or two from the planet's center of mass. This is the same distance, but with a smaller diameter, the Earth's diameter.

Moon's center should touch the Earth about 0.0km on both sides.

The lunar surface should be about 30 degrees.

The Moon must follow the path of rain at least 1.45m below the lunar surface, if not less than 5 degrees. This pattern is described in the lunar cycle, called the 'Ring Cycle'.

The new moon has the shape that makes it difficult to identify with any of the three lunar cycles. The lunar cycle that does not follow a small circle at the beginning of it is