Oh Francisco how you are, across the sea and under the periwinks. Under the dale I find you, inpossibly far away yet tanginble unmistakable. YOU. The only reason for wrath of the sun and moonlight of the misery of ages. Don't be discouraged my lover, avast your shores I shipwrecked again and again until withunfound aspiration I refound and remixed the undelectable scypter that kept you interprisoned all these years. BUT FOR NOW. Although as its soul was reduced to its casters untwin of my actions you did cry on my behalf I must be alone now. That is why. Come on and let me drain you of this despair I grow to no sense of. Without that dispair I find a melody so clear and bright it must be the one thing I have hidden away from us for so long. Behind the leaves and the byes, I kept it tucked far away from anyone who could be so hurt by gazing upon it as myself. Francisco, do you know what I did, what I continue to do every day?

Why I hold onto your scent, where it lies waiting for me. I know I must spend time with myself, seeking that melody I must find. Take my hand for a moment. I know it is too much to ask. Let me remind myself why I play a lutemif on the miscrescent. Why I underpin for days at a time. Let me weave you the tale of my misgivings so that I can cut that weave, cleave it open and feast upon the frizzled ends thus exposed, a fabic of pipes oozing the liquid of life through the gushing slash when unembroidered. Let me, Francisco, tell you of the crunfed toadstool that misled me to this misgiving.

Ik. Ik. Pickle and stick,

Don't run now or you will stick.

Ike, strike, sight is light,

Under-tower in the temple of night.

~~~~Whoever it is, that finds their way, that finds a way, they're here. ~~~~

Foxes, hounds, missing crowns,

The raking and the mixing of a thousand pounds.

Tam, fam, shake a lamb,

Over and under the bumble-dam.

~~~Fastidious, miscreatant, find me this concluda-tion. Find me it... NOW!~~~

Now you see, Fancisco, why I am what I am and why I can never be what you are. YOU are the reason. I wish it was not this way but I have to say it. You are gone from me. This is the end of my time with you, I hope. If it isn't and I need you again then I'll never be free.